Code Compliance & Condo/Homeowner’s Associations

Code Compliance
Code compliance is a division of the Village of North Palm Beach. The primary function is to educate the community about Village codes. The codes apply to every property within the Village. The purpose is to ensure that all neighborhoods and properties are maintained to a minimum standard.

Condominium & Homeowner's Associations
Condominium and homeowner’s associations are private organizations that are paid by designated neighborhoods to oversee maintenance standards, as established by written codes, covenants and restrictions for the properties within specific a neighborhood. The neighborhoods were designed to be managed by an association.

Associations have the right to enforce and assess fines to members in accordance to their own codes, covenants and restrictions. Every property owner within these designated neighborhoods signs documents agreeing to the standards that have been established.

Standards & Codes
A condominium or homeowner’s association may establish maintenance standards that require a higher standard of upkeep than the Village codes. Neighborhoods that are within association areas are still required to abide by Village code requirements.

Village code compliance can enforce Village code standards within an association area, but associations may only enforce maintenance standards within their designated neighborhood.