FLOOD & Hurricane Preparedness

The Village of North Palm Beach works with local, state and federal agencies to prepare for hurricanes, flooding and severe storms, and to prepare for other disasters whether accidental or intentional.

The agency that coordinates emergency preparation and response locally is the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management.

The Village recommends that all residents prepare for storms and disasters by familiarizing themselves with the planning guide published on the Division of Emergency Management website: www.ReadyPBC.com.

Satellite photo of Hurricane Matthew approaching east coast of United States.
Graphic of Four steps for emergency preparedness. Make a plan. Build a kit. Get involved. Be informe
The Division of Emergency Management guidelines advise residents to:
  1. Make a plan
  2. Build a kit
  3. Get involved
  4. Be informed
To begin your plan, you should find out if you are in an evacuation zone. You can find this information by using this Evacuation Zone Map tool .

Next, locate an evacuation risk shelter so you know where to go if you need to.

The Division of Emergency Management also recommends that you download their special app to your cell phone. It's called PBC DART (Palm Beach County Disaster Awareness and Recovery Tool), and it provides residents with information and tools to prepare for a disaster and report damage afterward.

Visit www.ReadyPBC.com to see all the County Division of Emergency Management recommendations.

Specifically for Village residents

In an emergency, or if a major storm approaches, the Village will put out information of particular importance to Village residents and businesses. There are several ways to get updates:

Other useful preparation resources

Learn how to minimize potential hurricane damage

Learn what ideas, methods and funding sources FEMA recommends to help reduce or prevent the impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms.

National Flood Risk Resources

Learn About Hurricanes

Local Mitigation Strategy

The Village participates in the County's Unified Local Mitigation Strategy Plan and Working Group. It is comprised of county, municipal, private sector, and community partners, including the general public, that prepare and promote strategies to reduce long-term risks from natural, technological and human caused disasters.