Solid Waste Department

Solid Waste Collection Function

The Solid Waste Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential/commercial garbage, trash, bulk items, vegetation, and recycling within the Village of North Palm Beach. Our services includes:

Normal Collection Schedule:

  • Monday - Garbage & vegetation Village-wide
  • Tuesday - Bulk & recycling for apartments and condominiums
  • Wednesday - Garbage & yard vegetation Village-wide
  • Thursday - Bulk & recycling for single-family homes
  • Friday - Garbage & yard vegetation Village-wide
Holiday Collection Schedule:

  • The service scheduled for the day on which the holiday is observed will be missed. 
  • When a holiday falls on a Thursday, residential bulk and recycling pick-up for that week will be done on the Tuesday before. Then, the regular collection schedule resumes on Friday.
  • All other collection days will remain the same as the normal collection schedule.
  • Do not use the magnet sanitation collection schedule, it is outdated.   

Materials must be placed by 7 a.m. on the appropriate collection day.

Residential/Commercial Garbage

Solid waste material generated from the preparation of food, non-recyclable food containers and wrappers, discarded clothing, and disposable items such as diapers, paper towels, and cleaning rags.

Trash/Vegetation/Bulk Item

These items are collected curb-side. Please make two separate piles, one for vegetation and one for trash/bulk items. Do not mix trash/bulk items with vegetation.

Please Note:

Contractors or individuals for hire for lawn and tree services are responsible for removal of the materials they trim. Building contractors and handymen are required to remove construction debris.


  • Garbage - Anything that fits into you bathroom, kitchen, or exterior garbage can.
  • Trash - Items too large for a garbage can, but one person could carry it to the curb (i.e. chair, microwave oven, etc.)
  • Bulk Item - Item too large for garbage can, but two people could carry it to the curb (i.e. refrigerator, mattress, furniture, etc.)
  • Vegetation - Is defined in Section 14-31(a) of our Village Ordinances as "yard waste shall include grass clipping, leaves, shrub trimmings, palm fronds, and tree limbs. Yard waste shall not include dirt, rocks, and similar materials removed from property utilizing mechanical equipment or other waste resulting from land clearing activities."


  • Co-Mingle plastic, glass and aluminum - Containers made of these materials should be rinsed out with lids and labels removed as well as possible.
  • Newspapers (bag or tie) - Note: a paper bag holds newspapers very neatly and may be place in 1 end or on top of the recycling bin.
Items Not Collected by the Village:
These hazardous waste items are not collected:
  • Any type of battery
  • Boat parts and internal combustion engines
  • Car parts
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Paints
  • Propane tanks
  • Used motor oil/filters

Please call Solid Waste Authority Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at (561) 640-4000 for drop-off hours and locations.