Streets & Stormwater Division

Streets & Stormwater Function 

The Street & Stormwater Department is responsible for the maintenance
and repair of the infrastructure throughout the Village.  Work includes preparation of streets for the Village’s patching potholes, repair and replacement of sidewalks, repair or replacement of traffic signs, maintenance of line of sight, maintenance of the Village storm drainage system, maintenance of Village waterways, and maintenance of the Village park facilities

This Department oversees the work of the landscape contractor who is responsible for all landscape maintenance of Village properties, including the various parks.  This Division also installs new vegetation as part of the Village’s revitalization program.  Further responsibilities include the replacement of landscape material that is damaged as the result of automobile accidents or vandalism.

What is Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater is water that originates during precipitation events. In natural or landscaped areas such as lawns, swales, parks, forests, and undeveloped land, stormwater can soak into the soil (infiltrate), be held on the surface and evaporate, or runoff to canals, streams, lakes, rivers, or other waterways. In populated and developed environments, unmanaged stormwater can create two major issues: the volume and timing of runoff water contribute to flooding and pollutants such as fertilizer, pesticides, animal waste, used oil, and paints may be carried to waterways. 

How Waterways Become Polluted

When it rains, pollutants on the ground are mixed in with stormwater runoff. Common pollutants include:
  • Detergent
  • Fertilizer
  • Motor oil
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Pet waste
  • Sediment

Tips to Protect Waterways

  • Clean leaked motor oil and other fluids on your driveway.
  • Never pour motor oil or other chemicals down storm drains.
  • Household chemical products like used motor oil, paint, solvents, and cleaners may disposed by taking them to the appropriate Solid Waste Authority collection site. 
  • Do not apply fertilizer or pesticides on sidewalk, driveways, streets, or near storm drains or canals.
  • Use less fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Wash the car on the grass or any place that doesn't drain to the street.
  • Use a commercial car wash.
  • Dispose of pet waste into trash.
  • Never wash pet waste into the street or into storm drains.
  • Never throw litter in a storm drain or in the street.