NPB recognized annually for low crime rate

North Palm Beach has again been rated as one of the safest communities in Florida as the Village Police Department continues its efforts to provide the highest quality law enforcement services possible to residents. The most recent recognition came from, which tracks crime rates and public safety issues, and reports on home security reviews. ranked the Village as the 4th safest municipality in Florida for 2021, describing it as “another sun-soaked community known for its beaches and golf courses, rather than a high level of crime. … North Palm Beach earned a violent crime rate below 1 offense per 1,000 and a property crime rate below 10 per 1,000. …”

Also recently, listed the Village as the 5th safest city in Florida for 2021.

Village police officers have cut the crime rate in North Palm Beach by 40 percent from 2015 to 2019, and several other organizations have recognized the Village as one of the safest places to live in Florida.

Other rankings include:

National Council for Home Safety and Security
The National Council for Home Safety and Security, known online as, ranked North Palm Beach 4th safest city in Florida for 2019 and 2020. Up from 5th safest in 2018 and 10th for 2017.

Security Baron

Security Baron, a consumer-focused website dealing in home security, property security and cybersecurity, ranked the Village as number 11 on a list of the 50 safest cities in Florida in 2019.

Home Security Advisor

Another top ranking came from The Home Security Advisor, which is an online resource for home security and safety information. The website ranked the Village as 8th safest city based on 2018 crime statistics, up from 14th in the 2017.

Other great rankings have come from SafeWise, which tests and compares home security companies and home safety products. They ranked the Village ranked the Village in the top 25 in 2017, 6th on their list of Florida’s safest cities in 2018, and 5th in 2021.

UCR Reports

The rankings are done using differing methodologies, but the crime statistics used come from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Uniform Crime Report System. Those numbers show a 40 percent drop in the Village crime rate from 2015 to 2019.

To do your part, remember to always lock you vehicle and never leave anything valuable inside, especially a gun. And remember to call 911 anytime you see something suspicious.

Rankings by Year
2016SafeWise - 17 - 10
Home Security Advisor - 14
SafeWise - 23  - 5
SafeWise - 6
Home Security Advisor - 8
2019Homesnacks - 9 - 4
SafeWise - 5

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