Awards Ceremony

2020 Awards Ceremony 

Certificate of Appreciation:

John and Jeanette Staluppi

In recognition of their dedicated support to the North Palm Beach Police Department (Contribution for Piotrowski’s Retirement Party).

Years of Service Award:

15 Years of Service - Special Operations Police Sergeant Lou Pearson

20 Years of Service - Police Officer Thomas Brendel

35 Years of Service - Police Detective Sergeant Steve Mekoliavitch

Unit Citation Medal:

Police Sergeant Andrew Council; Police Officer Roderick Steade; Police Officer Gary Lew

January 6, 2020-500 Block of Harbour Road: 
A resident reported several subjects in the area burglarizing vehicles.  Police Sergeant Council located the subjects in a nearby driveway and attempted to stop them, but they fled in multiple vehicles upon contact.  One of the vehicles intentionally tried to run him over on two separate occasions, but due to his immediate action, he was able to jump out of the way to avoid being struck. Police Officer Roderick Steade and Gary Lew located the vehicle fleeing the area and attempted to stop the driver.  The vehicle refused to stop and a pursuit was initiated.  Four of the six suspects were arrested in WPB for charges that included Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.

Unit Citation Medal:

Police Officer Jennifer Newman; Police Officer Thomas Brendel; NET Police Detective Edward Ciezak

June 29, 2020-11241 US HIGHWAY 1:
Three Shoplifting Arrests that resulted from West Marine.  Police Officer Newman arrived at the store and promptly relayed suspect information to patrol.  Police Officer Brendel and NET Police Detective Ciezak located the suspect vehicle at 900 US Highway 1 and detained the one male occupant.  The others suspects were caught as they attempted to flee the area.  A show-up was conducted and all three suspects were positively identified.  The 5 GPS units recovered as stolen property were valued at approximately $3000.  PBSO had an alert on the vehicle and were notified of the arrest and cleared 8 additional cases throughout the Palm Beach County for high dollar retail theft cases.

Unit Citation Medal:

Police Sergeant Javier Ortiz-Adarmes; Police Officer Gary Lew; Police Officer James Wright; Police Officer Shane Mize; Police Officer Nicholas Hernandez

July 11, 2020-Marbella Villas:
Police Officer Lew observed three suspicious people jump a fence to gain access into the gated community.  The subjects ran and attempted to conceal themselves on sight of a marked police car.  They fled out of the community and this squad established a perimeter and located the suspects running along the train tracks.   The suspects were apprehended and a purse that contained jewelry was recovered.

Unit Citation Medal:

Police Sergeant Joe Yungk; Police Officer Jennifer Newman; Police Officer Rotthy Nhuong; Police Motor Officer Dominic Hachigian; NET Police Detective George Lopez

August 3, 2020-740 Prosperity Farms Road:
Police Officers were investigating a suspicious U-Haul truck that was in the driveway of a residence near Fairwind & Inlet Road.  While searching for the vehicle, officers were notified on the radio of an in-progress occupied residential burglary at 740 Prosperity Farms Road in which the resident reported the suspect fled in a U-Haul truck.  The vehicle was located at PGA Blvd/Ellison Wilson Rd by patrol and the driver was arrested after a show-up.  Palm Beach Gardens PD cleared a theft case that resulted from this arrest.

Unit Citation Medal:

Police K9 Officer Daniel Bussek and K9 Deny; Police Officer Christopher Perez; Police Officer Daniel Prud’Homme

February 1, 2020-318 Southwind Drive:
For their investigation of an Aggravated Assault in which the victim was threatened by a known acquaintance with a knife after a verbal argument escalated to violence. Their prompt response to the scene allowed them to locate the vehicle and attempt a felony stop.  The driver refused to stop and fled into Lake Park.  A pursuit of the vehicle resulted in a foot chase and the apprehension of the suspects.

Commendation Medal:

Police K9 Officer Daniel Bussek and K9 Deny

June 29, 2020-11241 US HIGHWAY 1:
For apprehension of the suspect from West Marine after a foot pursuit that resulted in arrest.

Commendation Medal:

Police Officer Ross Christensen

July 7, 2020-Marbella Villas:
For apprehension of the suspect from Marbella Villas after a foot pursuit that resulted in arrest.

Commendation Medal:

Police Officer Dominic Hachigian; Police Officer Steve Miller; Police Detective Russell Johnson

August 2020-Parker Bridge:
Vehicle Homicide Investigators Hachigian and Miller investigated a two-vehicle crash in which one of the vehicles crossed the median into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle on the bridge.  The severity of this crash warranted extrication by Fire Rescue.  The complexity of the crash scene warranted these officers to implement alternate traffic patterns to avoid a dangerous situation for other motorists. They conducted the death notification to the next-of-kin for one of the drivers that succumbed to the injuries while being transported to the hospital. These officers worked with Police Detective Russell Johnson during severe inclement weather to conduct the complex investigation and crash reconstruction.   Their performance as a team with a diverse skill set was recognized as exceptional throughout this process.

Exceptional Service Medal: 

Police Detective Zachary Aldridge
Leading the preparation efforts for the Police Department throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  His effort to work collaboratively with personnel from many other departments to improve our capabilities in protection and response was demonstrated throughout this process. 

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

Police Detective Zachary Aldridge

November 27, 2019-848 Dogwood Road:
For his exemplary efforts and high level of professional service to a family during an unexpected crisis the day before Thanksgiving (Former dispatcher’s father committed suicide).  He treated the decedent and surviving family with compassion, dignity and respect by recognizing that the notification process can have a significant impact.  Throughout the investigation he provided an environment that allowed them to grieve the loss of their loved one and followed up with them afterward to provide information and support.  His actions and experience provided assistance to these long-time residents during this difficult time.

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

Police Officer Nicholas Hernandez

January 27, 2020-230 US Highway 1 (Walgreens):
Police Officer Hernandez was off duty when he observed two suspects that had just shoplifted from the store try to escape.  His immediate action resulted in the arrest of both suspects and recovery of the stolen property.

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

Police Detective Russell Johnson

February 13, 2020-761 Hummingbird Way #104:
For his professionalism during a death investigation.  He provided an exceptional level of service to the family throughout the investigation and in the days following the death.  The knowledge and experience as a leader of the Honor Guard was applied throughout this process and provided a lasting impression on the family.    

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

Police Officer Nicholas Hernandez

October 18, 2020-US Highway 1/Northlake Blvd:
Notification of a LPR hit on a stolen vehicle was provided to patrol.  Police Officer Hernandez located the vehicle, coordinated with PBSO and the vehicle was stopped in a gated apartment complex in Lake Park.  Police Officer Hernandez worked with PBSO deputies to identify the occupants in the vehicle and two of the female juveniles were confirmed as missing persons and possibly being sexually trafficked.  The driver was arrested in possession of a crow bar, bolt cutters and other burglary tools.  As a direct result of Police Officer Hernandez’ actions, the juveniles were reunited with their family, a violent offender was apprehended and the stolen vehicle that was recovered was provided leads to PBSO in connection with a homicide.

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

Police Sergeant Keith Koenig: Police Detective Zachary Aldridge; Police Officer Daniel Prud’Homme; Police Officer Christopher Perez; Police K9 Officer Daniel Bussek and K9 Deny; Police Officer James Wright

June 15, 2020-112 Doolen Court:
For their exceptional teamwork during an occupied residential burglary in which the suspect battered the elderly victim and fled the scene. Police Officer Prud’Homme relayed critical suspect information and vehicle description to patrol.  Police Officer Perez observed the suspect vehicle travelling on US1 at Parker Bridge and provided a more detailed description of the vehicle. Police Sergeant Koenig coordinated with local law enforcement agencies to maximize search efforts and ultimately stopped the suspect vehicle. Police Officer Bussek and Wright recovered the jewelry that was stolen during the burglary and returned it to the elderly victim.  Detective Aldridge interviewed the suspect and he was charged with Occupied Burglary of a Dwelling, Theft from Person 65 Years of Age or Older and Battery on a Person 65 Years of Age or Older.

Excellent Police Duty Medal:

NET Police Detective Edward Ciezak; NET Police Detective George Lopez
In recognition of their outstanding contribution to the residents and businesses in North Palm Beach through various Neighborhood Enhancement initiatives that were conducted this year. 
March 2020-500 Gulf Road:
An elderly resident’s home was in need of extensive repairs, but was unable to get the work done due to financial and medical reasons. NET Police Detectives worked with local businesses to conduct large scale vegetation removal and irrigation services at no cost to the resident to correct the situation.
September 2020-Worked with other Village Departments on an initiative to assist members of the community with home repairs that were impacted by unemployment due to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.  The deadline for this initiative was one day after they were notified about the program.  NET Police Detective George Lopez identified and assisted 3 local residents in this short amount of time and helped them to submit their applications for assistance.
October 2020-Rocket Fuel Gas Station:
NET Police Detectives Ciezak and Lopez investigated illegal discharge from the mechanic’s bay into a storm water drain.  They worked with Seacoast Utilities and the Department of Environmental Protection and determined after soil tests that there was a presence of pollutants.  Immediate action was taken to shut down the business and possible felony charges are pending.

Meritorious Service Medal:

Police Officer Christopher Perez

October 23, 2019-215 Castlewood Drive:
Police Officer Perez arrested two suspects for Burglary while Armed, Possession of Burglary Tools (mask), Grand Theft and Resisting with Violence after they fled the area on foot.  The suspects had just committed several armed vehicle burglaries in the area and were trying to escape.  Police Officer Perez chased the suspects on foot and apprehended them in the parking lot of a nearby business. 

Meritorious Service Medal:

Police Officer Nicholas Hernandez

December 30, 2019-818 Lakeside Drive:
While on directed patrol in a residential area, Police Officer Hernandez was dispatched to a vehicle burglary that just occurred in which the resident observed the suspect.  An extensive search of the area resulted in locating the suspect in the 100 block of Yacht Club Drive.  The suspect was searched incident to arrest and it was discovered that he was armed with several large knives and was in possession of stolen property from several other vehicle burglaries.   

Life Saving Medal:

Police Officer Jennifer Newman; Police Officer Rotthy Nhuong

October 15, 2020-736 Tradewind Drive:
Police Officer Newman and Nhuong responded to an elderly male resident that was unresponsive.  They arrived prior to Fire/Rescue and determined that he was still warm, but had no pulse.  The two police officers began CPR immediately and continued for approximately 5 minutes until Fire/Rescue arrived.  The male was transported to PBG Medical Center for further treatment.

Life Saving Medal:

Police Officer Shane Mize

March 26, 2020-784 US Highway 1:
Patrol was notified of a missing endangered adult that suffers from Dementia by the Riviera Beach Police Department.  Police Officer Mize conducted an extensive search throughout North Palm Beach and because of his prompt response and actions; he located the missing person and recognized that she needed immediate medical attention due to potentially serious injuries.  His assistance to another local agency in connection with the search and recovery of this missing endangered person saved her life.

Medal of Valor:

Marine Police Officer Michael Abramczyk

June 1, 2020-Juno Beach Pier:
In response to a request for assistance with a vessel in distress near the Juno Beach Pier in between the Palm Beach and Jupiter Inlet.  A vessel taking on water with four occupants on board required a coordinated search effort with several local agencies.  The challenge of locating the vessel intensified due to the torrential rain, which caused rough seas and affected visibility.  An extensive search of the waterway using GPS coordinates to concentrate efforts resulted in the vessel being located and the occupants returned to safety. 

Chiefs Medal of Excellence:

Police Officer Jennifer Newman

For the motivation and initiative demonstrated this year on Patrol, the Honor Guard and working with the Detective Squad.  Police Officer Newman is personally responsible for clearing 15 of the total theft cases reported this year.  Her work ethic and tenacity has contributed to the exceptional clearance rate on this top priority property crime.

Chiefs Medal of Excellence:

Police K9 Officer Daniel Bussek

For the motivation and initiative demonstrated this year in various roles within the department. He continues to excel as a Field Training Officer, member of SRT and a leader in the Honor Guard.  On patrol he is active in self-initiated activity and volunteers to handle complex assignments.  He has shown interest in learning more about the duties of the Traffic Squad and has assisted them with multiple projects, sought training on VHI equipment and was recently recognized by International K9 College for successfully completing 620 hours of Patrol and Narcotics Detection Training for K9 certification.

Chiefs Medal of Excellence:

Assistant State Attorney, Chief of Homicide Aleathea McRoberts; Assistant State Attorney Reid Scott; FDLE Special Agent Thomas Bacon; FDLE Inspector Kristen Hoffacker; FDLE Special Agent Leslie D’Ambrosia

Cold Case Homicide

Police Officer of the Year:

Presented to the Cold Case Squad

Police Captain Angela Dallesandro; Special Operations Police Sergeant Lou Pearson; Police Sergeant Henry Maki; Police Detective Salvatore Mattino; Police Detective Yesenia Collura; Motor Police Officer Dominic Hachigian

  1. Officer of The Year Award
  2. Employee of The Year

      Officer of the Year Award

  • 2020 Police Officer's of the Year. Presented to the Cold Case Squad:
  • Police Sergeant Lou Pearson 
  • Police Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • Police Detective Yesenia Collura 
  • Police Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • Police Motor Officer Dominic Hachigian 
  • 2019 Motor Police Officer Dominic Hachigian 
  • 2018 Police Officer of the Year Detective Yesenia Collura 
  • 2017 Police Officer Michael Shane Mize
  • 2016 Police Officer Edward Ciezak 
  • 2015 Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • 2014 Detective Michael Piotrowski 
  • 2013 Field Training Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • 2012 K9 Police Officer James Kaminski
  • 2011 Sergeant Keith Koenig
  • 2011 Detective Kenneth Mildworm
  • 2010 Police Officer Lou Pearson
  • 2009 Detective Joe Yungk
  • 2007 Detective Stephanie Joyce