Awards Ceremony

2015 Awards Ceremony 

Customer Service Award: 
Police Explorer Timothy Schwab, Alex Stevens and Joshua Hawthorne
For their commitment to the citizens of North Palm Beach. In addition to being full time students, these youth have provided hundreds of hours of community service, distributed crime informational bulletins to residents and recently assisted Criminal Investigations with tracking an XBOX that was purchased with a stolen credit card that resulted in probable cause for an arrest.

Customer Service Award: Janny Michieka-Lobosky
Excelled at internal/external relationships throughout 2015 and was commended for her selfless service to the community.

Customer Service Award: Officer Kaminski & K9 partner Cole
April 17, 2015 through the request of mutual aid they tracked and apprehended multiple suspects that fled from a burglary to a business that occurred in Riviera Beach. Officer Kaminski and K-9 partner Cole were recognized by Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams for their assistance.

Community Service Award: Officer Mize
August 13, 2015-951 US Highway 1 located a trapped baby duck at the bottom of a 25 foot manhole. He risked his own safety by maneuvering down to rescue the duck, placed it in the pocket of his uniform and brought it to safety. Officer Mize then cared for the duck until it was well enough to be on his own.

Unit Citation: Captain Lange, Sgt. Dallesandro, Detective Mattino, Detective Aldridge,
Officer Hachigian, Officer Mize, and Officer Brendel
December 4, 2014-620 Marbella Circle for their exceptional teamwork on a residential burglary that required interagency communication, perimeter, processing of two crime scenes, and the interview of multiple employee witnesses that resulted from the suspects fleeing to an open business after the commission of the crime.

Medal of Commendation: Sergeant Mekoliavitch, Officer McCoy, and Officer Ciezak
December 4, 2014-620 Marbella Circle for the apprehension of two suspects that burglarized a residence and fled to a nearby open business. The third suspect fled after he was observed on video surveillance by Sergeant Mekoliavitch exiting a bathroom window and was pursued and apprehended in a nearby shopping plaza.

Medal of Commendation: Officer Lopez and Officer Miller 
April 15, 2015-PBG Mall 3109 PGA Blvd for the apprehension of two robbery suspects fleeing from the Palm Beach Gardens Mall where there were reportedly shots fired.

Medal of Commendation: Detective Aldridge
April 28, 2015-757 Lighthouse Drive for his investigation into multiple school and church facility burglaries that identified the offender as a direct result of his exceptional skills as an investigator, ability to coordinate a large scale, multi-agency operation and ultimately the successful execution of a DNA search warrant.

Medal of Commendation: Detective Piotrowski and Detective Mattino
April 30, 2015-Tulipan Bakery 731 Northlake Blvd for their exceptional investigation of a stabbing attempted murder and the multi-agency effort to apprehend the offender within hours of the reported incident.

Medal of Commendation: PSLPD Detective Richard Giaccone, PSLPD Detective Sheila Lagrega, PSLPD CSI Danitza Byrd and PSLPD CSI Ashley Perkins
April 30, 2015-Tulipan Bakery 731 Northlake Blvd for their assistance with detaining this violent offender and processing the crime scene and collection of evidence.

Medal of Commendation: Officer McCoy
May 5, 2015-Miami Subs, Lake Park for apprehending an armed suspect that fled from a report of shots fired in a residential area within Lake Park. He recovered the firearm and a spent round of ammunition that was used in the commission of the crime.

Medal of Commendation: Detective Aldridge & FBI Agent Peter Angell
July 6, 2015 Sanctuary Cove Apartments investigated a trafficking case that resulted in several arrests that included multiple counts of sex trafficking a minor and conspiracy to sex traffic a minor. They coordinated with DCF to ensure a safe place for the victim and protect her from further abuse.

Medal of Commendation: Officer Lerner and Detective Collura
July 15, 2015 227 Castlewood Drive for their investigation during a welfare check that prevented a possible sexual offender and violent felon from abusing an infant and successfully removing the child from the home, arresting the suspect and confiscating drugs and an altered firearm.

Medal of Commendation: Officer Berben
August 12, 2015-CVS Pharmacy 312 Northlake Blvd he observed a suspicious van that matched the description of a recent burglary suspect parked into the rear of the business and while in contact observed several hundred collapsible crates inside of the vehicle. The items were recently stolen and $4,200 of property was returned to the victims.

Medal of Commendation: Palm Beach Gardens PD Officer David Kahn
August 15, 2015-773 Lagoon Drive for the identification and apprehended a violent armed robbery suspect that fled a residential area in North Palm Beach and subsequently led to the recovery of the weapon used to the crime.

Medal of Commendation: Officer Johnson
August 25, 2015-101 US Highway 1 while conducting burglary suppression Officer Johnson made contact with suspicious person Thomas Othman and completed a field interview report. Thomas Othman was later identified as the primary suspect in a PBSO homicide that occurred in Lake Park in which Margaret Bogdanski lost her life. Officer Johnson immediately connected the investigator with the last known location of the suspect and was subsequently arrested by PBSO.

Life Saving Award: Chase Harris and Jessica Chadwick
March 14, 2015-MacArthur State Park their heroic efforts identifying two distressed swimmers caught in a dangerous rip current. The recipients are both Florida International University trained swimmers that used their determination and skills to successfully save the 15 year old female.

Medal for Life Saving Award: Officer Brendel
July 29, 2015-US1/S. Anchorage Drive he identified a potential life threatening position of an unconscious male that sustained multiple injuries immediately following a traffic crash. Officer Brendel’s prompt actions as a trained paramedic corrected the subject’s body position and cleared the obstructed airway that was causing the male to struggle to breathe.

Promotional Award: For their exceptional leadership abilities and dedication to the mission of the North Palm Beach Police Department.
Sergeant Angela Dallesandro - Promoted to the rank of Captain on August 1st 2015
Officer Javier Ortiz - Promoted to the rank of Sergeant on February 2nd 2015
Officer Andrew Council - Promoted to the rank of Sergeant on August 1st 2015

30 Year Service Award: Sgt. Mekoliavitch
Began his career as a police officer with the Village of North Palm Beach on 09/19/1985. He is currently the most senior officer within the agency. He has served in many positions within the organization to include the supervision of Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Internal Affairs. He is well respected internally as well as within the community.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chief J. D. Armstrong 
Was hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic 07/15/82 and became the Fire Chief on 10/10/85.

Chief’s Award of Excellence: Sergeant Andrew Council
For his commitment to training the youth within the organization and the years of mentoring he provided to a police explorer that ultimately became a sworn law enforcement officer within the organization.

Volunteer of the Year Award: Patricia Friedman
For the time and service she has provided as a liaison with expertise at addressing aging issues and social remedies within the Village of North Palm Beach.

Civilian of the Year Award: Janny Michieka-Lobosky
Serves as the link between the Chief’s office, Law Enforcement, Civilian Staff and the Public. She maintains internal communication with HR, Finance and Procurement to facilitate the payroll process and purchasing process. She is the Administrative Compliance Officer for FDLE, CALEA, CJIS and DAVID and the Secretary for NAMAC and the Palm Beach County Chief’s Association.

John S. Atwater Police Officer of the Year Award: Detective Salvatore Mattino
Lead investigator on multiple vessel burglaries in which he recovered $22,000 in property
Lead investigator on a $150,000 stolen vessel which he worked with multiple agencies to recover in the Bahamas
Involved in several major cases with an exceptional verdict to include Burglary w/Armed Battery with a Firearm and Robbery with a Firearm while wearing a mask. Adjudicated guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. The burglary of an occupied dwelling, Attempted 1st degree Murder with a firearm of a Law Enforcement Officer case was concluded with both suspects receiving 15 years in state prison.
Processed 627 pieces of evidence
Prepared 14 audits and over 200 pieces of evidence for destruction on closed cases
Processed approximately 500 pounds of prescription medication with the pill drop box program

  1. Officer of The Year Award
  2. Employee of The Year
  3. Past Officer of The Year
  4. Past Employee of The Year
      Officer of the Year Award
  • 2015 Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • 2014 Detective Michael Piotrowski 
  • 2013 Field Training Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • 2012 K9 Officer James Kaminski
  • 2011 Sergeant Keith Koenig
  • 2011 Detective Kenneth Mildworm
  • 2010 Officer Louis Pearson
  • 2009 Detective Joseph Yungk
  • 2008 Officer Angela Dallesandro
  • 2007 Detective Stephanie Joyce