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  1. Blitz of wet weather in South Florida's forecast

    Another blitz of wet weather is in South Florida';s near future with water managers bracing for up to 8 inches of rain through...

  2. Algae blooms may be more dangerous than ever believed

    The algae bloom from Lake Okeechobee has grown since it was first measured in May. Environmentalists believe it now stretches more than 200 square miles. This algae bloom is in the...

  3. Carl von Luger owner in town for talks with North Palm Beach leaders

    The owner of the Carl Von Luger restaurant from Pennsylvania has been in North Palm Beach for the past few days, and not for vacation reasons. Robert Dickert and his team have been in damage-control mode , talking to village officials about a...

  4. Loggerheads leading the pack in sea turtle nesting count

    Loggerheads are the most common sea turtle in Florida and nest from April through September. Loggerhead turtles weigh 200 to 350 pounds and are about three feet long.

  5. Fort Myers Beach mayor accused of road rage

    The Fort Myers Beach mayor is accused of nearly running over a man and his dogs in a case of road rage. Dan Wynne and his family traveled from North Palm Beach to Fort Myers...

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