Teen Adventure Camp

The North Palm Beach Recreation Teen Adventure Program Camp was created so the kids moving up through our Camp programs didn't have to stop at age 13.  This camp is for kids 13-15 years of age.  That in-between age when they have outgrown the youth camp program, but parents don't want them staying home alone all day.  

Teen Adventure Campers go on the same Monday-Wednesday-Friday trips as the regular Day Camp. However, in addition to those great excursions, they also go on Tuesdays and Thursday adventures.  They have separate transportation from the Day Campers and are given different  privileges.   It is an exclusive group and the Day Campers can't wait to turn 13 and be a part of Teen Camp.
Referee's hand with whistle and text "Register for Activities Here North Palm Beach Recreation

Camp Location

:  North Palm Beach Community Center

Camp hours:

 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Early drop-off: 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Early pick-up:  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Some trips (Orlando, Miami) will leave earlier and return later than normal.  
Parents & Teen campers will be informed well in advance.

The 2017 Camp Programs will begin on Monday June 5th and end on Friday July 28th, 2017

Registration begins online only Saturday -  April 3. 2017. - for Residents
Registration begins online only Tuesday -  April 10, 2017 - for Non-residents

Call 561-841-3386 for more information. 

Below will give you an idea of the trips and adventures we took this past summer in 2016.
Some of the highlights included snorkeling in Key Largo at John Pennekamp State Park, a trip
to Magic Kingdom, and our many snack stops to places like Starbucks, Dairy Queen,
and Wendy's.  Hope to see you in 2017.