Anchorage Park Marina: Boat Ramp Decal

Anchorage Dock
Click for Permit Decal Registration

One of the premiere luxuries of being a North Palm Beach resident is access to launch boats and personal watercrafts from the Anchorage Park Marina Boat Ramp at 603 Anchorage Drive.

A Permit Decal is required to launch any trailered item from the boat ramp. This decal is for North Palm Beach residents only. Business owners in North Palm can also get a decal. This is an annual purchase that begins every October 1. All decals expire every September 30th. Decal fees will not be prorated for purchases made mid-year.

Kayak and Paddleboard LaunchYou can obtain a permit decal at the Anchorage Park Activities Building during office hours. We now offer the option to purchase it online, but you must wait to receive the actual decal via mail to use the ramp. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the online link. Select the Permit Decal Registration button above to purchase a permit online today.

The Marina also includes several day docks for pick-up/drop off and a walk-up kayak launch platform (above photo). These facilities do not need a permit to use.

Wet and Dry Storage

Our marina offers 133 dry storage spaces and 31 wet slips. These annual rentals are for NPB Residents only. Proof of residency and vehicle ownership is required every year. If you are a renter, proof of 1-year lease is required. Renewals take place Oct. 01. Business owners in North Palm are not eligible for storage spots.

With the ever growing interest in owning a boat or RV, the marina is always full, therefore accumulating an ever growing waitlist! If you would like to be on a waitlist, please visit our electronic waitlist form to sign yourself up. Staff will review your application to verify residency and may reach out if they have questions. REMEMBER, per rules approved by the Recreation Board on July 12, 2022, you are no longer allowed to sign up for all of the Dry Storage Boat Size waitlists. You only allowed to sign up for ONE (1) Dry Storage spot and ONE (1) wet slip.

Sign Up for a Waitlist

Click on the corresponding links below. Each link will open the electronic waitlist form. REMEMBER, you may only sign up for ONE (1) Dry Storage spot and ONE (1) wet slip. If you sign up for more than one Dry Storage spot, you will be removed from the additional lists. Therefore, please choose the list that best corresponds to the size of your current or future vehicle/vessel.

Boat Size
Annual Cost
15ft Dry Storage$749
16ft - 20ft Dry Storage$802.50
21ft - 25ft Dry Storage$856
26ft - 30ft Dry Storage$909.50
31ft - 35ft Dry Storage$963
36ft - 40ft Dry Storage$1,016.50
Wet Slips MarinaSouth: $2,796.71
North: $3,855.85

          *Annual Cost includes tax.

See Where You Are on a Waitlist

Click on the link below. The link will open a .pdf file listing the number in line and resident's name. All lists are included in the same file. The lists will be re-posted every 3 months with the date marked.


Waitlist Rules

  • I acknowledge I am a legal resident of the Village of North Palm Beach and must provide proof of residency, boat, boat trailer, or RV registration in order to finalize the lease agreement.
  • I acknowledge I can sign up for one (1) dry storage space and one (1) wet slip. However, I can only have one space rented per household. I can remain on another list while I am renting a space but must give up my current space to rent a new space.
  • I understand that when a space is offered to me, I have (10) ten business days to accept the offer and make payment in full.
  • I understand that when a space is offered to me, I can defer the offer one time without penalty and still maintain my current position on the list. When a space is offered to me a second time, I must pay for the space within (10) ten business days or be removed from the list completely, or be placed on the bottom of the list if I so choose. 
  • If I do not own a boat, boat trailer, or RV, I acknowledge that when I am offered a space, I will provide a bill of sale within (2) two months of signing the lease agreement. I also acknowledge that if my boat, boat trailer, or RV is going to be away from my space for a period of (2) two months or more, I will notify Recreation staff in writing to let them know why and for how long. I understand that failure to comply with these procedures may constitute forfeiture of my space and no refunds.
  • I understand that I am not allowed to move from one list to another and keep my same spot on the list. If I want to move to another list, I understand that I will go to the bottom of the new list. 
  • I understand that my name and position on the waitlist(s), as well as the waitlists themselves, are public record and will be posted on the Village’s website per departmental policy.
  • I acknowledge that I may not install any structures, devices, or mechanisms, including booms or lifts, to any of the wet slips; neither will I install or store any item(s) in any of the slip or storage spaces not defined as a boat, boat trailer, or RV.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to keep my contact information up to date. Failure to do so may result in staff being unable to contact me for an open space and my removal from the waitlist(s).