Anchorage Park Marina - Boat Ramp Decal

One of the premiere luxuries of being a North Palm Beach resident is access to launch boats and personal watercrafts from the Anchorage Park Marina Boat Ramp at 603 Anchorage Drive.

A Permit Decal is required to launch any trailered item from the boat ramp. This decal is for North Palm Beach residents only. This is an annual purchase that begins every October 1. 

You can obtain a permit decal at the Anchorage Park Activities Building during office hours. We now offer the option to purchase it online, but you must wait to receive the actual decal via mail to use the ramp. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the online link.

The Marina also includes several day docks for pick-up/drop off and a walk-up kayak launch platform (bottom photo). These facilities do not need a permit to use.

Who can obtain a permit?

  • Only North Palm Beach Residents. 

How much does the permit cost?

  • $64.20/year:  October 1st - September 30th; the cost is reduced at the 1/2 year and 1/4 year marks.

What kind of documentation is required?

  • Driver's License;
  • Towing Vehicle Registration matching driver's license;
  • Proof of NPB Residency; if not proved via DL/Reg, go to and bring in a print out of Property Appraiser's property detail showing ownership.

What if I rent in NPB?

  • Matching driver's license and towing vehicle registration;
  • Any utility bill in applicant's name at NPB address. 

What if I only want to launch a couple times/year?

  • NPB residents can obtain a temporary launch permit.
  • Same documentation as listed above applies;
  • Fee is $10.00/launch;
  • Purchase in person at Anchorage Park activities building.

Purchase online or in person at Anchorage Park Activities Building.

  • In person, 603 Anchorage Dr. in North Palm Beach;
  • On-line, click here
  • Note - If you have never made a purchase from NPB Rec, the on-line portal will not work; please visit office to set up a household account.
Call (561) 841-3386 for more information.

Photo of Anchorage Park boat ramp showing width of ramp after new gangways were installed
Photo of kayak launch platform at Anchorage Marina

Wet & Dry Storage

Our marina offers 133 dry storage spaces and 31 wet slips. These annual rentals are for NPB Residents only. Proof of residency and vehicle ownership is required every year. Renewals take place Oct. 01.

With the ever growing interest in owning a boat or RV, the marina is always full, therefore accumulating an ever growing waitlist! If you would like to be on a waitlist, please visit Anchorage Park to prove residency and fill out a form.


Click on the corresponding links below. Each link will open a .pdf file listing the number in line and resident's name. The lists will be re-posted every 3 months with the date marked.

  • UP to 15'        Annual Cost: $749.00
  • 16' - 20'                                 $802.50
  • 21' - 25'                                 $856.00
  • 26' - 30'                                 $909.50
  • 31' - 35'                                 $963.00
  • 36' - 40'                                 $1,016.50
  • WET SLIPS     $2,741.88 (South); $3,707.55 (North)