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26 lectures, 13 weeks

Two weekly 30-minute lectures through December 15

Mythology, according to Professor Fears, is an essential part of the universal path to wisdom. We study myths and the heroes who populate them for the same reason we study any subject in the humanities: to gain wisdom. Using his decades of teaching experience and his highly popular perspective on history, Professor Fears shows you how to find, hidden within these breath-catching stories, the core sets of principles for the lives of people from around the world and across time.


Printable Brochure

Printable Brochure

Thu, Nov 17, 2016

Lecture 18 at 11:00 AM. Lays of Ancient Rome
Romans during the time of Julius Caesar often looked back to stories about the foundation of the republic - tales filled with the virtues of patriotism.  Learn about one of the most popular of these stories: that of the noble Lucius Junius Brutus's revolution against the tyrannical rule of King Tarquin.
Lecture 19 at 11:30 AM. Alexander the Great in History

​Follow in the footsteps of the warrior Alexander the Great as he rises to power and conquers almost the entire ancient world.  Specifically, you'll explore Alexander's foresight and military prowess and see how these characteristics helped create the "myth" of Alexander the Great that endures to this day.