The Guide to Essential Italy
The Guide to Essential Italy
2 Weekly Lctures
18 Weeks/58 Minutes

Wednesdays at 12:00 P.M.
Obert Meeting Room

"You may have the universe,
if I may have Italy." -
Giuseppe Verdi

2 weekly lectures 
18 weeks /58 minutes

36 lectures | 29 minutes each
May 23
1 Rome: The Eternal City 
2 The Capitoline and the Colosseum

 May 30
3 Imperial Palaces of the Palatine Hill 
4 Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time 

June 6
5 The Roman Forum 
6 Along the Via Sacra to the Capitoline

June 13
7 The Via del Corso and Princely Palaces 
8 The Trevi Fountain and Baroque Rome 

June 20
9 Above and Beyond the Spanish Steps 
10 At the Bend in the Tiber 

June 27
11 The Pantheon to Campo dei Fiori 
12 Piazza Farnese to the Ara Pacis 

July 11
13 Piazza del Popolo to San Clemente 
14 The Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica 

July 18
15 Orvieto, Siena, and San Gimignano 
16 Florence: Politics in Art and Architecture 

July 25
17 From the Piazza del Duomo to San Marco 
18 Santa Croce and the Pazzi Chapel 

August 1
19 En Route to the Ponte Vecchio 
20 The Pitti Palace 

August 8
21 The Oltrarno 
22 Walking to Santa Maria Novella 

August 15
23 From Santa Maria Novella to San Lorenzo 
24 The Medici Legacy 

August 22 
25 The Ognissanti, Palaces, Parks, and Villas 
26 Romantic Views: San Miniato and Fiesole 

August 29
27 Arezzo, Perugia, and Assisi 
28 Venice: The Center of Power 

September 5
29 The Drawing Room of Europe: Piazza San Marco 
30 The Basilica of San Marco 

September 12
31 The Ducal Palace 
32 Venetian Civilization 

September 19
33 Along the Giudecca and Grand Canals 
34 The Upper Grand Canal and San Marco on Foot 

September 26
35 The Rialto and Sestiere San Polo 
36 Sestiere Castello and the Outer Islands

Greece and Turkey
The Great Tours: Greece and Turkey
from Athens to Istanbul

2 weekly lectures
12 weeks/62 minutes

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m.
Obert Meeting Room

The shimmering turquoise waters and lost worlds of the Aegean await you. Grab your travel hat and join us for a unique cultural journey to the dramatic landscapes of Greece and Turkey—to dazzling ancient cities, majestic empires, and magical treasures of history.

October 3, 2018
1. Touring the Cradle of Western Civilization
2. Athens—Around the Acropolis and Parthenon

 October 10, 2018
3. In the Footsteps of Socrates—Historic Athens
4. Around Attica—Temples and Mysteries

 October 17, 2018
5. Seeking the Good Life—Corinth to Epidauros
6. Mycenae—Where Kings Planned the Trojan War

October 24, 2018
7. Around Nafplio—Greek History at a Glance
8. Ancient Olympia—Gods, Games, and Temples

October 31, 2018
9. Quest for Wisdom at Apollo's Oracle—Delphi
10. Byzantine Outposts—Monemvasia and Mistra

November 7, 2018
11. Cruising the Islands—Mykonos and Delos
12. Aegean Ring of Fire—Milos and Santorini

November 14, 2018
13. Exploring Crete—Realm of Ancient Minoans
14. Lure of the Labyrinth—Palace at Knossos

November 21, 2018
15. The Dodecanese—Kos, Patmos, and Rhodes
16. Welcome to Turkey—The Turquoise Coast

November 28, 2018
17. Central Turkey—Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia
18. Up the Meander River—Priene to Pamukkale

December 5, 2018
19. A Wonder of the World—Ephesus
20. Royal Cities of Asia—Pergamon and Sardis

December 12, 2018
21. Troy—Beyond Homer and the Trojan Horse
22. Istanbul—Capital of the Byzantine Emperors

December 19, 2018
23. The Pearl of Constantinople—Hagia Sophia
24. Ottoman Istanbul—Mosques, Palaces, Bazaars

Dr. John R. Hale is the Director of Liberal Studies at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He earned his B.A. at Yale University and his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge in England. Professor Hale teaches introductory courses on archaeology, as well as more specialized courses on the Bronze Age, the ancient Greeks, the Roman world, Celtic cultures, the Vikings, and nautical and underwater archaeology. An accomplished instructor, Professor Hale is also an archaeologist with more than 30 years of fieldwork experience. He has excavated at a Romano-British town in Lincolnshire, England, and at the Roman Villa of Torre de Palma in Portugal. Among other places, he has carried out interdisciplinary studies of ancient oracle sites in Greece and Turkey, including the famous Delphic oracle, and participated in an undersea search in Greek waters for lost fleets from the time of the Persian Wars. Professor Hale has received many awards for distinguished teaching, including the Panhellenic Teacher of the Year Award and the Delphi Center Award. His writing has been published in the journals Antiquity, The Classical Bulletin, the Journal of Roman Archaeology, and Scientific American.