Puppy Love

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Recreation Department hosts a special valentine event for dogs and their owners called Puppy Love.  This fun, family event is held at Anchorage Park, 603 Anchorage Drive.

10:00 am - noon  

Everyone is invited to this event!  You don't have to come with your dog, but we encourage it!  You can get a dog/puppy white attending the event as we have several rescue groups in attendance.

The day begins with a pet parade.  Every owner gets to introduce their pet and tell a little story about them, giving as little or as much background as they like!  Then we hold a couple cute little contests and present awards which were donated by local pet-related businesses such as animal hospitals, veterinarians, pet supply stores, groomers, etc.  

 Examples of some of the contests includes:
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Singer
  • Best Kisser
  • Best Trick
This is a FREE, fun event that provides opportunity to socialize with other pet owners with common interests.

We invite local businesses to participate in this Valentine event.  Click HERE to see how you can become involved.

Click HERE for a Puppy Love flyer to post on your refrigerator or to share with friends.