Swim Lessons

The swim lessons at the North Palm Beach Pool are offered through Swim with Gills, a local, family-owned business. We offer a variety of skill level classes for all ages.  All our instructors are American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors. Classes offered at various times of the day to fit your schedule. 

Swim with Gills is a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, Make A Splash Foundation, and Josh the Otter Program. Their philosophy of teaching is simple.  They do not "force" students to learn.  Swim with Gills teaches water safety by creating trusting and caring relationships.  Your child's comfort zone is maximized through fun and interactive "play".  The parent's comfort zone is maximized with "patience".  After each lesson, your child will be proud to show you what they learned!  You will also be provided with a variety of ways to practice and promote even greater learning in-between lessons.

Group and private lessons are available year-round.  Class days & times vary:  mornings, afternoons, weekends.  Lessons are in 4-5 session blocks.   Class size is limited.

Call Swim with Gills at 561-222-4994 to get you or your child started in a great Learn to Swim program! 

Tadpoles and Starfish

Tadpoles: 6-13 months.  Starfish: 14-23 months.
Children swim with an adult.  Program increases water comfort and introduces swim movements such as gliding on back and stomach. Creative activities make learning fun for children and adults.

Advanced Starfish

Ages 2 - 3+ yrs.
Assists in the transitioning toddlers to being in water without parent.  Creates independence. Introduces water safety skills.  Last Phase before entering Little Gills' Beginners 1.  

Little Gills' Guppies

Ages 3 - 6 yrs.
Preschool Aquatic & Learn to Swim Beginners 1.  Children must be comfortable in the water without a parent.  Introduces looking under the water and retrieving toys; front and back gliding with assistance.  Goal is to increase the child's confidence and begin swimming without assistance.

Little Gills' Goldfish

Ages 3 - 6 yrs.
Learn to Swim Beginners 2.  Children must be comfortable and able to put their face underwater and 'look' around.  Introduces independent front & back floating, arm strokes and leg movements; swimming independently and learning 'pop-up' breathing. Enrollment limited to 3 swimmers.

Sailfish Prestrokes

Preschool Aquatic and Learn to Swim Level 3.  Introduces rotary breathing; stroke techniques including front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke, elementary backstroke, treading water and advanced water safety skills.  Enrollment limited to 3 swimmers.  

Shark Strokes

Learn to swim Level 4 and 5.  
Concentrates on stroke technique, endurance and fine motor skills.  Must be able to complete 25 meters of front crawl and have a knowledge of backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Introduces streamlining and turns.

Call the Swim with Gills office at 561-222-4994 to be placed into a class!

Private Lessons Fee # lessons
NPB Resident $140 4
Non-Resident $145 4
Group Lessons Fee # lessons
NPB Resident $75 4 @ 30 min
Non-Resident $80 4 @ 30 min
NPB Resident $94 4 @ 45 min
Non-Resident $99 4 @ 45 min