Summer Programs

Teen Summer Programs:
A Universe of Stories

Begins June 11th and ends August 2nd
Available Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
For grades entering middle school to upper high school levels, 
call or sign up at the youth services circulation desk!
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Every Tuesday will be based on a theme; such as, All About that Space, Celebrity Day, Harry Potter Day, Glow in the Dark Day, etc. Games and activities will be provided based on the day's theme. Active attire will be required for some of these Tuesdays.

Cooking programs are hosted on Wednesdays, followed by a Book Discussion every other week. Teens can pick a book of their choosing and discuss it with the group. They can also take the opportunity to participate in our Teen Summer Reading Competition (details below). On weeks where there is not a book discussion, other crafts, games, or activities will be provided.

Thursdays are our "action packed" days where activities; such as, dodge ball, relay races, and tug of war are provided. While these activities are not going to be excluded from other days, this is a day where teens are going to be encouraged to wear appropriate active attire.

Our Technology Days, teens contribute towards a summer blog/vlog the library will be managing, recording their activities and experiences for them to look back on for years to come. They will also be engaging in podcasting and other technology-based activities to expand their technological skills and knowledge.
​Teen Summer Reading Competition
Available Monday, June 11th to Friday, August 2nd.
For grades entering middle school to upper high school levels

Teens middle to high school have the opportunity to participate in our reading competition! Read six books before the end of the summer, and you receive a prize! Read eight, and your name will be submitted for a grand prize drawing. Read the most books of the participants, and you have the chance to receive another grand prize!


1) You must checkout a book over 100 pages.
2) Read the book!
3) Return the book to the youth services desk, located in the children's department. Please do not bring the book to the drop off box in the front of the library; otherwise, we won't know you're competing.
4) Tell the librarian you are participating in the Teen Summer Reading Competition!
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