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Posted on: January 27, 2022

Code: Residential docks are not for leasing or rent

Did you know that the Village’s code does not permit docks in our single-family neighborhoods to be rented or leased?  Section 5-81 of the Village’s Code says a private dock, pier, mooring buoy and floating anchor mean those that shall only be used by the occupant and the occupant’s family and shall be constructed only in R-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts.  Further, it says that a private dock, pier, mooring buoy or floating anchor shall not be rented or leased.

See Village Code section 5-81

Over the last several months, the Village has received complaints from residents about neighbors who are leasing private dock space to others with boats. The concerns from residents have been that the additional boats impede views of the water, make the waterfront less attractive, and create parking issues due to boat owners driving to and parking in the neighborhoods to use their boats. As a result of these complaints, the Village’s Code Enforcement and Marine Patrol will be conducting inspections of the Village’s waterfront locations to identify boats that are not registered to the homeowners where they are docked. 

The Village understands that the dock rentals may generate needed revenue for some homeowners and that there may be existing lease agreements in place.  Because of this, the Village is respectfully requesting that homeowners who have been leasing private docks begin planning to have those boats removed as soon as possible.  The Village is giving advance notice as code enforcement action will begin in the next couple of weeks. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Hubsch, Community Development Director at (561) 841-3369; or Alex Ahrenholz, Principal Planner at (561) 882-1156.

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