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Posted on: February 10, 2022

Police safety tip: Don't be distracted by phony visitors to your house

Man opening his front door to see who is knocking

The North Palm Beach Police Department would like to inform all residents about protecting themselves from becoming a victim of a distraction theft. 

The key to prevention is to understand the method of operation and how distraction theft criminals commit this type of crime. Suspects can be either male or female and will often pose as landscapers, pest control specialists, plumbers, electricians, or utility workers. They attempt to gain the trust of their victim and create a sense of urgency as a distraction, often luring the victim into the backyard if possible. While the homeowner is distracted in the backyard, other crooks may enter the home without the owner’s knowledge and steal whatever valuable items they can find.

Do not feel obligated to open the door for anyone. Confirm the identity of all workers prior to allowing them into your house or onto your property, and if you are not expecting a service and feel someone is suspicious, call 911 immediately. 

Distraction theft criminals are usually traveling criminals who roam from place to place and target elderly residents when they are the most vulnerable. Do not allow yourself to become distracted, and if you know of a neighbor who may be a vulnerable target, please share this important information with them so that they will be prepared to handle this type of situation. Be mindful of what is in your neighborhood, and remember to report any suspicious activity immediately to the North Palm Beach Police Department. It’s always ok to call if you are unsure.

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