• The Holidays Around the World poster
  • A poster explaining the holiday of Hanukkah
  • Information about the holiday of Christmas
  • Snowmen decorate the windows of the library
  • A snowman on a window holding a Cardinal
  • Snowmen gather around a fire
  • The library is decorated with a snowy theme
  • Information about the Christmas holiday
  • The snowmen decorations in the library look out to the warmer weather outside
  • Snowmen decorations wearing hats
  • A snowman frowns at a bake sale poster
  • Snowmen gather around a festive palm tree
  • A poster with information about Kwanzaa
  • Information about the season of Advent, and St. Nicholas Day
  • A snowflake in the decorations
  • A poster with information describing the commercial Christmas holiday
  • A display of the customary themes of Hanukkah
  • Snowmen and winter themes decorate the windows of the library
  • A palm tree decoration in the window with Christmas ornaments
  • A fruit basket sits next to a paper with information about Kwanzaa
  • A paper snowman sits above flyers for more events at the library
  • A small Christmas Tree sits on a shelf surrounded by Christmas information and books
  • Refreshments were provided by the Friends of the Library
  • Snowmen and snow flakes decorate the interior of the library

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