Audit Committee


The Audit Committee meets on-call as necessary.
  • Village Hall Conference Room
    501 US Highway 1
    North Palm Beach, FL 33408


  • Thomas Andres, Chair
  • Marie Silvani, Vice Chair
  • Edward Katz
  • Donald Kazimir
  • Suzanne Mehregan
  • David Talley
  • Allen Kramer


The Audit Committee consists of 7 members who serve a three-year term.  Members are required to be Village residents, and educational and/or practical experience in the fields of finance or business is preferred.


The primary responsibility of the Audit Committee is to oversee and monitor the independent audits of the Village's financial statements from the selection of the independent auditors to the resolution of audit findings. The Audit Committee facilitates communication between the Village Manager's office, the independent auditors and the Village Council, and serves as an advisor to the Village Council. The Audit Committee also has an annual responsibility to present a written report to the Village Council which shows how the committee has discharged its duties and met its responsibilities. The written report also includes its findings as to the independent audits of the Village's financial statements.