Golf Advisory Board


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • The 2nd Monday of the month
  • Village Hall
    501 US Highway 1
    Conference Room
    North Palm Beach, FL 33408
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Country Club and Golf Course Info


The Golf Advisory Board is comprised of 7 members, and includes 1 regular advisory board member from the Men's Golf Association and 1 regular advisory board member from the Women's Golf Association, each of whom shall be golf members of the Country Club. Each association shall recommend a person to serve as its representative on the board; however, such recommendation shall not be binding on the council. If no association member wishes to serve in this capacity, the association members may be replaced with golf members of the Country Club. As to the remaining 3 regular advisory board members, 1 shall be a resident golf member of the Country Club, 1 shall be either a resident or non-resident golf member of the Country Club. There is no membership or residency requirement for the 3rd regular member. Each of the alternate board members shall be golf members of the Country Club. Terms are 2 years for regular members, 1 year for MGA and WGA representatives and 1 year for alternate members. Alternate members have the duty to sit for any regular member that is absent and serve in order (1st alternate, 2nd alternate).


The primary duty of the Golf Advisory Board is to support and effectuate an outstanding golf experience at an affordable price through:
  • A wide variety of golf services tailored to both members, residents and guests
  • High-quality playing conditions
  • Superior customer service
The Golf Advisory Board has the duty to administer, review and interpret the Golf Course rules, regulations, policies and procedures, which include the following areas:
  • Charitable outings
  • Course and facilities condition
  • Course procedures relating to starting times
  • Member and resident comments and concerns
  • Shotgun events
  • Special member events
  • Tournament scheduling