Anchorage Park Marina - Boat Ramp Decal

North Palm Beach residents have access to launch their boats from the Anchorage Park Marina boat ramp at 603 Anchorage Drive. Permits are required to launch from the boat ramp.

You can obtain a permit at the Anchorage Park Activities Building, during office hours. Permits are for North Palm Beach  residents only.  NEW THIS YEAR - You may purchase your Boat Ramp decal online, and we will mail it to you.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the online link. You can purchase your decal  starting September 17, 2020 for the upcoming year.

The Marina also includes several day docks and a kayak launch platform (bottom photo). These facilities do not need a permit to use.

Who can obtain a permit?

  • North Palm Beach residents only

How much does the permit cost?

  • $64.20/year:  October 1st -  through Sept. 30th

What kind of documentation is required?

  • Proof of NPB residency such as a tax bill or utility bill
  • Tow vehicle registration in applicant's name and at the NPB address
  • Florida Driver's License in the NPB address

What if I rent in NPB?

  • Instead of a tax bill, a utility bill in applicant's name and at NPB address will suffice
  • Something (boat or trailer or tow vehicle) has to be registered in applicant's name and at NPB address.  

What if I only want to launch a couple times/year?

  • NPB residents can obtain a temporary launch permit
  • Fee is $10.00/launch
  • Same documentation as listed above applies
  • temporary launch permits can only be purchased in person at the Anchorage Park Activities building.

Purchase online or in person at Anchorage Park Activities Building.

Call (561) 841-3386 for more information.

Photo of Anchorage Park boat ramp showing width of ramp after new gangways were installed
Photo of kayak launch platform at Anchorage Marina