From Mayor Darryl C. Aubrey

April 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As we find ourselves in very difficult times, it seems appropriate update you up on how the Village is adjusting to coronavirus. I know there have been some media reports of 7 or 8 cases in NPB, but it appears they are based on being in our zip code of 33408, so we are not directly aware of any cases right now. There are parts of Palm Beach Gardens, Juno and unincorporated areas (such as Lost Tree) that share our zip code.  Having said that, we know it is only a matter of time before COVID-19 arrives in NPB.

We do not know how many cases we have in the county, state or nationally because tests are performed only with known cases of exposure or with the presence of symptoms. Many people can have the virus without symptoms and be unaware. Not enough is yet known about this virus other than it is very contagious and more deadly than the flu.

We are following County Emergency Order 3 which asks all residents to remain at home, except for essential activities such as acquiring food, health and safety services and supplies, etc. Such trips should be minimized, and “social distancing” guidelines should be followed. Most non-essential businesses have been closed. Critical health and safety personnel such as police, Fire Rescue and medical or health-care workers are still working to serve the communities.

In Palm Beach County, all public and private parks have been closed, including parks and pools within gated communities. All public and private golf courses, pools and tennis clubs are closed, and recreational boating on County waterways is prohibited. Essentially all restaurants have been closed, but many offer delivery and pickup meals. The North Palm Beach Country Club and Farmer’s Table are closed. 

Essential services of the Village are continuing. Council meetings and advisory board meetings are either cancelled or being done remotely. Discretionary Parks and Recreation activities have been cancelled, and non-essential personnel are working from home. However, services are available still and may be accessed by phone only. Our staff telephone directory has numbers for each department, and you can search for specific employees by name.  If you’re not sure who to contact, please call (561) 904-2122 or email

We will get through this crisis, but it will take longer and cause much inconvenience. Please remember to follow the guidelines to protect yourself and others, it’s the most important thing you can do for our community at this difficult time.

Be safe,
Darryl C. Aubrey
Mayor, North Palm Beach

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