Prosperity Farms Road bridge

Do you ever drive over the bridge on Prosperity Farms Road that crosses the Earman River?  Have you ever noticed the bridge as you commute back and forth?  If so, it’s likely that you never noticed anything special about it one way or another.  

Without visual access to one of the North Palm Beach’s great assets, it's easy to miss the Earman River while traveling on Prosperity Farms Road. This is why the Village is working to create a memorable entryway for travelers heading into the community, as well as an attractive outdoor public space for locals to walk to, ride a bike to, or to just sit at and enjoy.

While Palm Beach County works on designs to replace the bridge with funding from the Infrastructure Surtax Initiative (approved by voters in 2016), the Village is collaborating with the County to make it more attractive and to take advantage of the views of the Earman River and create a pedestrian-friendly area in accordance with the Citizens' Master Plan (adopted by the Village Council in 2016).  

Although the County’s plans are not complete, it is anticipated the new bridge will be elevated at least 18 inches (to facilitate boat traffic), and that sidewalks will be significantly wider than they are now. 

Two design styles for a proposed trellis have been proposed by a consulting firm.  Planners have shared them with small groups of residents, but greater input from residents is needed to help construct a bridge that Villagers can enjoy and be proud of for decades to come.

Survey results

We did a survey showing two ideas for the design of the overhead trellis on the bridge. It was run from April 14 to May 6, 2021 and asked for citizen preferences for the design look. No final design or design features have been chosen yet, but the survey results give an idea of what people liked best. You can see the survey results here.

Follow our progress

Also, please continue to monitor the Village projects webpage at for info on upcoming projects, and Village social media for updates and future opportunities to influence bridge design.  

Palm Beach County anticipates beginning construction on the Prosperity Farms Road bridge in 2022, but much more public outreach is planned before construction.

Example 1

Proposed Prosperity Farms Road bridge rendering with wave-shaped trellis

Example 2

Proposed Prosperity Farms Road bridge rendering with flat level trellis