Zoning in Progress

The North Palm Beach Village Council has passed a Zoning in Progress for homes within the R-1 Single Family Zoning District, which includes most single family homes in the Village except ones within an approved planned development (i.e. Prosperity Harbor, Harbour Isles, and Nativa).

Effective as of October 29th, 2021 all new permits will need to meet the regulations for building height, minimum landscape area and 2nd story coverage as applicable. Permits submitted before this date will not be required to meet the new regulations. Additionally, all existing homes not conforming to the regulations will not be required to change unless there is a permit submitted directly related to the regulation (i.e. New homes, exterior additions, driveways, pools, patios, etc.)

Below is a copy of the Ordinance for review of the new regulations which will be effective for 6 months, until such time as the Village Council makes them permanent or creates alternative regulations as necessary.  

Ordinance effective October 29th, 2021