Former Twin Cities Mall site

UPDATE: Feb. 16, 2023

At their February 14th meeting, the Planning Commission agreed to recommend approval to the Village Council various proposed zoning text amendments and a related Comprehensive Plan change for the C-3 business district, which is site of the former Twin City Mall at U.S. 1 and Northlake Boulevard, and asked staff to clarify that a public benefit will be required to achieve additional building height for any future proposed development. 

Watch the February 14th Planning Commission meeting (the Twin Cities Mall site item begins at 19:40)


The property at the southwest corner of U.S. Highway 1 and Northlake Boulevard was purchased in April 2022. It is the site of the former Twin Cities Mall. A developer who is working for the purchaser is proposing to build a series of mixed use buildings and a community gathering place there. The buildings would include retail and residential uses.

The developer made a presentation to the Village Council on July 14th, giving an overview of a development plan with renderings of what the completed project might look like. 

The Council made no decisions about the project and said they would like to hear more information about the proposal before making any decisions. 
See the PowerPoint presentation slides

To watch the presentation and July 14th Council discussion, click the link below, then click on Item 12 Discussion: 
Watch the presentation and Council discussion

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