Page Turner Adventures

PageTruner_Kindness_Option4June 5 to July 30
New Adventures Bimonthly

Meet Storyologist Page Turner! A cross between Mary Poppins and Indiana Jones. Page loves transforming kids into Junior Storyolgists and sending them on adventures to collect, tell, and write stories. Most of the Adventure in the KINDLY EVER AFTER series begin at Page’s mysterious Lighthouse Library. Page jumps into her magical Once Upon a Time Machine and brings to life original tales of COOPERATION, KINDNESS, EMPATHY, and FRIENDSHIP. Page is wild about stories. She also loves encouraging creativity, imagination, curiosity, and reading. So, along with the animated stories, each Adventure includes multiple Crafts, e-Books, Audiobooks, and a downloadable Activity Book with games, coloring sheets, fun facts, and puzzles that inspire young imaginations and encourage kids to explore the library because of course… WHEN YOU READ, EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE!

June 5 - 18: Kindness Adventure
Bartholemew Balderdash & the Kindness Machine

In this original fairytale, Bartholemew longs to do something big and important. When Queen Beneficent offers a reward to anyone who can restore kindness to her kingdom, Bartholomew hopes to do something truly spectacular, but he soon discovers that it’s often the smallest acts of kindness that make the biggest difference.

Crafts and Activities

Kindness Catchers
This paper creation has lots of names but we prefer to call it a Kindness Catcher. Part craft and part game, we hope it inspires you to perform Random Acts of Kindness.

Pop-Up Kindness Cards
Sharing mini Pop-Up cards with inspirational messages are excellent Random Acts of Kindness. Made from index cards, the possibilities for kindness and creativity are endless.

Bonus Craft from Page's Archives: Fairytale House
Using paper bags, kids can create their own fairytale houses or a house inspired by Bartholomew’s workshop.

Activity Book: To Be Released
Check out the BARTHOLOMEW BALDERDASH ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.


PageTruner_Cooperation_Option4June 19 - July 2: Cooperation Adventure
The Great Pizza Contest

When Kenny and Reed Moore try to make Page Turner some cupcakes, they realize they both have very different ideas about the best part of this sweet treat. To help them figure it out, Page cranks up the Once Upon a Time Machine to tell the tale of THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST.

In this tasty tale of cooperation, Mayor Ann Chovi and her daughter Nan Chovi must decide who makes the best pizza in the town of Mozzarella—Vincent Van Dough or Leonardo Da Munchi. Vincent thinks the dough is the best part of the pizza! Leonardo believes it’s the sauce! Find out how Nan Chovi resolves this delicious dilemma in THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST.

Crafts and Activities

Cooperation Cookies
Kids can decorate cookies to look like pizzas. Everyone can make their own cookie, but it's even more fun to work together in teams of two or three for a perfect pizza partnership!

CO-DOUGH-Salt Dough Creations
Kids can make individual salt dough projects. Once again, it’s more fun when they work together to create a pizzazy pizza project!

Bonus Craft from Page's Archives: Paper Plate Pizza
The first pizza was inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. With construction paper and plates, kids can design their own pizzas based on colors of flags from around the world.

Bonus Activity from Page Archives: Pencil Thin Mustache
Kids can pretend to be the characters from the story with their own pizza mustaches that can be attached to a pencil or straw.

Activity Book: To Be Released
Check out THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.

PageTurner_Empathy_Option1July 3 - July 16: Empathy Adventure
Fly on the Wall Investigations & the Case of the Empathy Empanada

Page Turner uses the Once Upon a Time Machine to tell a mystery story called FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS & THE CASE OF THE EMPATHY EMPANADA.

In this old-fashioned detective story, Arthur C. Doyle is a hardboiled Private Fly who solves tricky mysteries by figuring out what people are really feeling. When he’s faced with a tough case involving a pilfered prized pastry, Arthur and his partner Stella Spider will literally have to walk in someone else’s shoes to bring the culprit to justice.

Crafts and Activities

Feelings Finder
Stella, the Spider, invents machines that help Arthur C. Doyle solve tough cases. One of those machines is the Feelings Finder made from two paper cups, random doodads, and lots of imagination.

Walk In My Shoes Mix-Up Book
Empathy is the ability to imagine what another person is feeling. With help from this Mix-Up Book, kids can imagine what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Bonus Craft from Page's Archives: Climbing Spiders
Made from popsicle sticks, these fun spiders climb a “web” using friction and engineering. Stella would be proud.

Bonus Craft from Page's Archives: Bug Bite Recipe
Solving crimes is hungry work and young detectives need snacks! These adorable and tasty bug bite edibles are made from oats and other simple ingredients.

Activity Book: To Be Released
Check out the FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.

PageTurner_Friendship_Option2July 17 - July 30: Friendship Adventure
Moth & Sloth: Best Friends Forever

Kenny and Reed are convinced that they are too different to ever be friends. Page Turner isn’t convinced this is true. She tells them about the odd friendship between sloths and the moth’s that live in their fur. Then she tells them the tale of MOTH & SLOTH: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

Moth and Sloth are best friends until Sloth’s insecurities put their friendship in jeopardy. Eventually Moth and Sloth learn what’s involved in being a true friend. This heartwarming tale of friendship is set in a tropical rainforest and is sprinkled with scientific facts about the symbiotic relationship between sloths and moths.

Crafts and Activities

Grassy Head Sloth
The moths that live in a sloth's fur cause algae to grow. The algae provides camouflage for the sloth. Our sloth (made from a stocking, dirt, and grass seeds) grows grass instead of algae, but he still needs a little help from his friend Moth.

Paper Plate Moth and Sloth
Moth and Sloth are together again in this fun project made using a paper plate and construction paper. If you look closely you’ll see Sloth’s best friend, Moth, hiding on his fur. Hint: He looks an awful lot like a bowtie pasta noodle! 

Bonus Craft from Page's Archives: Toilet Tube Binoculars
If kids are adventuring in the rainforest, they’re going to need binoculars. These are made from two toilet paper tubes.

Activity Book: To Be Released
Check out the MOTH & SLOTH ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.