How much does it cost?
Fees associated with Inter-Library Loan service, such as database searching and shipping charges, are paid by North Palm Beach Public Library. Customers are responsible for any charges incurred for Overdue fees, lost or damaged Inter-Library Loan items. Please call 561-841-3383 for more information.

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1. What is the Inter-Library Loan service?
2. How much does it cost?
3. Who can request materials?
4. What can I request?
5. How many items can I request?
6. Do I have to know which libraries own the items before I place a request?
7. How do I request material using the Inter-Library Loan service?
8. How long does it take to receive Inter-Library Loan material?
9. How will I know when my material is available?
10. How long do I get to keep an Inter-Library Loan?
11. What if I'm not finished by the due date? Can I renew my item?
12. What if an item cannot be borrowed?
13. Whom do I contact with questions about Inter-Library Loan services?