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Teen Book Club

  1. Remind
  2. The Teen Volunteer Coordinator is using Remind, an app that safely reaches out to volunteers. Using the app is optional, but highly recommended. Signing up for Remind lets the Teen Volunteer Coordinator know that the teen would like to attend future book clubs, so teens do not have to re-sign up for book clubs again. The Teen Coordinator will only be using Remind to reach out to volunteers or their parents concerning book club; like, informing the Zoom meeting invite was sent, reminding them of the next upcoming book, asking if they have any book recommendations, and more. Please provide your email so the Coordinator may send the volunteer or parent a Remind invite. Should the teen reach their goal of community service hours and no longer wish to be on the Remind group, they may directly message the Teen Volunteer Coordinator on the app that they would like to be removed.
  3. Acknowledgment*
    By checking the box, the participant acknowledges they have parent permission to participate in the Teen Virtual Book Discussion with the North Palm Beach Library. The participant also acknowledges that they will not share the Zoom meeting invitation once received.
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