Boards & Committees

Village Boards exist to advise the Council on issues and activities of the Village. All board, committee, and commission meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and times, as well as information about the duties and responsibilities of the various boards, can be found on the board, committee, and commission pages below, or view the summary of requirements and duties for all Village Boards and Commissions.

Board Appointments

Annual appointments to all boards are made by the Village Council in April, and appointments to fill vacant positions are made as necessary throughout the year. Appointees serve for a period of 1-3 years, depending on the board. Members of the Pension Boards and Planning Commission are required to file a financial disclosure form with the Florida Commission on Ethics. To apply for a Village Board, download the application for appointment (PDF), Business Advisory Board Application, or call or email the Clerk's office to have an application sent to you. Return your completed application and resume (optional) to the Clerk's office.

Ethics Training

Voters approved a county-wide ethics reform referendum expanding the jurisdiction of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics to each of the 38 municipalities within Palm Beach County. Effective June 1, 2011, all 38 municipalities are under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission and Inspector General. Legislation requires that all elected and appointed officials and employees receive ethics training, including members of Village boards.

Village of North Palm Beach Sunshine Law Presentation

The Village Attorney has prepared a presentation discussing the requirements of the Government in the Sunshine Law and its application to members of Village Advisory Boards and Committees. All Advisory Board and Committee members are required to view this presentation.

View the presentation here