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Communications Manager forms

  1. NET Volunteer application

    This is the application form to sign up as a volunteer for the Village NET program or the emergency assistance team to help after a... More…

Community Development Dept forms

  1. Business of the Season application
  1. Home Owners Association Contact Update

    This form is for North Palm Beach homeowner and property owner associations, as well as condo managers, to provide updated contact... More…

Contact Us

  1. Village Council

    Complete this form to contact the North Palm Beach Village Council.

  1. Village of North Palm Beach Comments & Suggestions


  1. Friends of the Library Application

    An application to become a member or membership renewal of the Friends of the North Palm Beach Library. Applicants will receive an... More…

  2. Program Sign Up

    Signing up online for library programs.

  3. Teen Volunteer Application

    Volunteer opportunities are available at the North Palm Beach Library for teens ages 13 to 17. Volunteering is allowed from Mondays to... More…

  1. Lost or Damaged Form

    Used by Circ staff to send to Technical Services.

  2. Resident Art Show

Public Record Request

  1. Public Records Request

    Complete this form to submit a public record request.

Public Works forms

  1. Bulk pickup appointment request

    Use this form to request pickup of bulk items at residential properties. Village Solid Waste crews pick up bulk items on Tuesdays and... More…

Village Clerk

  1. Board Application Form

    Application for Appointment to NPB Advisory Board, Commission, or Committee

Village Historian

  1. Local History Interview Questionnaire

    Share your stories about our community. Information provided will be added to the archives so that we may preserve these memories of... More…