Planning & Zoning Division

Our goal is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the Village's residents and to maintain the "small town feeling" that this Village takes pride in.

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  • Implementation of the Village's Comprehensive Plan
  • Comprehensive Plan Site-Specific & Text Amendments
  • Implementation of the Village's Code of Ordinances
  • Zoning & Site Plan Application Review & Processing
  • Field inspections (site plan, landscaping, parking calculations)
  • Public Information & Research
  • Staffing for the Following Boards:
    • Planning Commission/Local Planning Agency
    • Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Zoning Regulations
Comprehensive Plan

The Community Development Department is working to improve processes and procedures to ensure your experience with the Planning and Zoning Division is a great one. As a result, the Planning and Zoning Division now uses a Universal Planning Application.

The Universal Planning Application streamlines the petition review process by providing clear and concise directions and eliminating the need to file several applications. The Universal Application is available here.

If you have questions, contact the Community Development Department at (561) 841-3365.

Development Review Committee Process

The Development Review Committee (DRC) review is a three-step process. The first step determines if your application is complete and ready for review.  The second step is for the applicant to explain their project to the DRC and answer any questions the DRC members may have and for the DRC members to review the project so as to generate any comments and provide a recommendation to the Planning Commission and/or Village Council.  The last step is for the Project Manager to provide draft recommendations and conditions to the petitioner and discuss with the petitioner on agreement of the recommendations and/or conditions. 

Step Number 1: Upon receipt of an application, a Planning and Zoning Staff member will be assigned as a Project Manager and he/she will determine if the application is complete.  The Project Manager will advise the applicant of either completeness or incompleteness of the application.  If the application is complete, the item will be scheduled for the next available DRC meeting (Step Number 2).  If not, the applicant will need to provide the required documentation and an DRC meeting will NOT be scheduled until the application is deemed complete.

Step Number 2: After your application has been determined complete, it is distributed to the Village’s Planning and Zoning , Public Works, Building, Fire, and Police Departments. Each department reviews the submittal materials and at the DRC meeting, the applicant will present the proposed project and answer any questions that the DRC members may have. Staff will review the project for compliance with the Village’s various codes, regulations and guidelines. During this part of the review, revisions to a project may be necessary and, if so, it will take more than one meeting to complete this step of the DRC review process.  The purpose of this step is to assure that every aspect of the project complies with all applicable local, state and federal codes, regulations and guidelines After any necessary revisions are completed, the project is scheduled for the next available DRC meeting.

Step Number 3: After the DRC meeting, the petitioner is provided the DRC’s draft recommended conditions of approval for the project. The recommendations and/or conditions are discussed with the Project Manager and the petitioner is asked whether or not he/she agrees with the recommendations and/or conditions. Any recommendations and/or conditions that are not agreed upon and cannot be modified enough to reach an agreement are noted and are identified as issue points to be discussed at the time of Planning Commission and/or Village Council hearing.  While it is the goal of the DRC to reach consensus with the petitioner on each and every project and/or event and its conditions of approval, if agreement cannot be reached, it is the responsibility of the DRC to recommend to the Planning Commission and/or Village Council either approval of the project with conditions, including those not agreed to by the applicant, or denial of the project.

Planning Commission Requirements

The board typically meets the first Tuesday of each month. Complete applications with supporting documents (e.g. survey, photos, applicable plans & justification) need to be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the requested meeting date for most applications. Applications must be determined complete and sufficient a minimum of 15-20 working days prior to the scheduled meeting, depending on the application type.  Please make an appointment with the Planner to discuss your application at, or call (561) 904-2121. 

See the Planning & Zoning fee schedule

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Please see below information on a proposed project of high interest that is proceeding through our development review process. The documents attached are revised plans that were just filed and are under Staff review. 

Proposed Site Plan (resubmitted 8-18-23)

Notice of Planning Commission Public Meeting

Site Plan

Architectural Plans

Landscape Plan

DRC Meeting Presentation

DRC Meeting Recording