Kids & the Library Policy

North Palm Beach Library is concerned about the safety of children who visit the Library. Parents/caregivers need to know that our libraries are public buildings that are open to all. Library staff cannot be responsible for the care and safety of children.


Parents/caregivers should be aware of situations such as:

  •  Disruptive behavior - Any disruptive Library user, regardless of age, may be asked to leave the Library (Please see Patron Code of Conduct)
  •  Illness or injury of a child
  • Stranger Danger
  • Unexpected Closing of a Library Facility

Children must never be left at the Library before opening or after Library closing. Police will be contacted to assist with unattended children at Library closing.


 Please be aware of the following guidelines at the North Palm Beach Library:

  •  Children under thirteen (13) years of age must be supervised by a parent/caregiver.
  • Caregivers must be at least eighteen (18) years old, able to attend to the child’s safety, and ensure appropriate behavior.

Children must remain within sight of the parent/caregiver, except when the children are attending certain children’s programs. During children’s programs, the parent/caregiver must remain in the Library near the program area.


If a child under thirteen (13) years of age is found unattended:

  • 1st Instance: Library staff will make every effort to locate the parent/caregiver in the Library and inform him/her of the rules.
  • 2nd Instance: Child and parent/caregiver will be asked to leave the Library. If the parent/caregiver cannot be found, Police may be called for assistance.