Meeting Room Policy

Adopted 11/15/2005

The Obert Meeting room is primarily for the use of the library or library related groups (Friends of the Library, TreeSearchers Genealogy Group).  When not required for library use, it may be available without charge for use by the community, subject to the following regulations:

1.  The library meeting room may be use by community groups whose purposes are civic,  cultural, or educational in nature or are bona fide governmental boards or committees.   The library reserves the right to require a written statement of the program and objectives of a group, when this is not apparent, before granting permission to use the room.  No attendance or attendance or entry fee may be charged.  In the event of scheduling conflicts, preference will be given to meetings that are open to the public.

2.  The individual reserving and assuming responsibility for the room must complete a Request for Meeting Room Use Form (see attachment A)

3.  Only the library or a library group may sponsor a fundraising or purely social event.  Meetings for the exclusive purpose of fund raising by individuals or other groups are prohibited.  Non-profit organizations may collect ordinary annual dues or sell miscellaneous items (such as the organization’s calendar, etc.) provided that such activity is incidental to the purpose of the meeting. Commercial sales and promotions of businesses are prohibited.

 4.  The meeting room shall not be used for political rallies, partisan events, religious services or evangelism meetings.

5.  Use of the library meeting room does not imply library endorsement, and no announcement, press release; flyer or other promotion should state or imply library endorsement or sponsorship of the event or the organization.  Such announcements, press releases, flyers or other promotions should clearly state the sponsoring group’s name and refer to the library only as the location of the meeting.  Groups may not use the library’s name or address as their own address or headquarters location or store their property at the library between meetings. 

6.  Handouts, pamphlets or other materials may be distributed only to those attending the meeting and may not be placed outside the meeting room for general distribution or left in the library at the conclusion of the meeting.

7.  The organization conducting the meeting shall be financially responsible for damage to the facility or equipment.

8.  Group representatives may arrive up to 15 minutes early to set up tables and chairs, as staff is not available for this purpose.  Before leaving, items must be returned to their original placements.  All meetings must be completed 10 minutes before the Library’s scheduled closing time.

9.  Meetings may only be held during regular library hours and must not interfere with the normal operations of the library.  Meetings may be held outside of regular hours only when a library employee volunteers to open or close the building. 

10.  Smoking is prohibited in all interior areas of the Library.

11. Food and beverages (other than bottled water) are not permitted in the Obert meeting room (except for library sponsored events).

12.  The meeting room has a capacity of up to 109 people. 

13.  The library is not liable for injuries to people or damage to or loss of property while using the meeting room.

14.  Final authority for the use of the meeting room rests with the Library Director or her/his designee.