Community Based Initiatives

The North Palm Beach Police Department approaches the task of prevention by offering free information on crime trends, crime prevention tips, attendance at public events, and provides a broad range of Community Based Initiatives.

Beacon Light

Offered to residents to be utilized as an Emergency Beacon which aids emergency response personnel in locating your home. The light is a standard 60 watt bulb that blinks when activated.

Bicycles Donated to Needy Children

Unwanted bicycles are collected and then donated. The bikes are presented to children whose families cannot afford to purchase one for them.

Cell Phones to Seniors

Unwanted cell phones are collected and donated to senior citizens throughout the area for emergency use.

Gun Locks

Offered free to village residents to promote gun safety.

Operation Chill

Officers reward children doing a good deed (ex. Wearing a bicycle helmet) by giving them a coupon for a free Slurpee at the local 7-Eleven.

Security Surveys

Security surveys are offered free to local businesses and residents in the village. The purpose is to determine existing physical and procedural weaknesses in order to reduce or eliminate exposure to criminal opportunity.

VIN Etching

Free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching to residents to aid in the prevention of auto theft.