Swim Lessons

The Country Club pool offers Village residents and neighbors some fantastic learn-to-swim opportunities, with a goal of helping to make the community safer and stronger in and around water.

Pre-School Swim Team

The pre-school swim team is comprised of four students and one swim coach. This group meets twice a week for a total of eight sessions a month. Each class is 30 minutes. Swimmers must be 3-6 years old, must be able to swim 5 yards unassisted, and float independently on their back.

Registration: $35 one-time fee, $100 a month. Classes Available Monday and Wednesday 4:00/4:30/5:00 p.m.  

For more information and to register, contact Coach Alf at (561) 691-3426 or email at npbswimming@gmail.com.

Private Swim and Stroke Lesson

Private lessons are designed to give participants two years and older individualized attention to improve or master their swim skills. Private lessons allow for the curriculum to be customized to each individual. Our private lesson is usually scheduled as six 20-minute sessions. The cost $200.

Call (561) 691-3427 for details.

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