Boat/RV Dimensional Exception

The Dimensional Exception process was created to allow boat and recreational vehicle owners (who owned their equipment as of November 12, 2020) an opportunity to maintain their boat and/or RV on their property, provided it meets the Village's screening requirements and does not negatively impact their neighbors. A dimensional exception is needed for boats that exceed the size requirements of thirty (30) feet in length or height of twelve (12) feet, or does not meet the rear setback of five feet; or for RV's that exceed the length requirement of thirty (30) feet or height of ten (10) feet (not counting mechanical equipment on roof), or does not meet the rear setback of five feet. 

Residents seeking a Dimensional Exception should submit their application to the Community Development Department. After review from staff it will be taken to the Village Council for approval or denial.  Any resident intending to submit a Dimensional Exception should read the following guidelines prior to filling out the application: 

Dimensional Exception Application Guidelines

There is no application fee for a Dimensional Exception and the application can be found at the following link:

Dimensional Exception Application