Bulk pickup now by appointment only

Dear Residents:  

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance solid waste services and ensure the cleanliness and aesthetics of our beautiful Village, I am writing to inform you of an upcoming change regarding bulk trash pickups. After careful consideration and evaluation of our solid waste operations, we have decided to transition to an appointment-based system for bulk pickups. 

Effective Monday, November 6th, residents will be required to schedule a Tuesday or Thursday appointment for collection of large or bulky items. This transition will bring several benefits to our Village. First and foremost, an appointment-based system allows us to optimize our resources more efficiently. By planning pickups based on scheduled appointments, we can allocate our solid waste personnel, equipment and fuel in a more streamlined manner. This ensures that pickups are conducted promptly and effectively, reducing the inconvenience and potential eyesores caused by bulk items left unattended. 

Changing to appointment-based bulk pickups also will give us a better understanding of the waste generation patterns within our Village. The data collected from scheduled appointments will allow us to make informed decisions regarding solid waste strategies, such as optimizing   collection routes and resource allocation more effectively. Your participation in this process will greatly assist our team in improving services and ensuring their alignment with the needs and preferences of our Village. 

I kindly request your cooperation and adherence to the new appointment-based system to ensure its success and effectiveness. Together, we can maintain the cleanliness, beauty and quality of life that our community deserves. 

Schedule your appointment

To schedule a bulk appointment, please go to our appointments page, or call our Public Works Department at (561) 691-3440. Our dedicated staff will guide you through the appointment scheduling process and provide any necessary information or assistance.

We understand that change can sometimes be challenging, but I believe that this transition will ultimately benefit all residents of the Village. If you have questions, concerns or feedback regarding the transition to appointment-based bulk pickups, feel free to reach out to our Public Works Department. 

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and commitment to keeping our Village the “Best Place to live Under the Sun."

Marc Holloway
Field Operations Manager
Public Works Department