Outreach program seeks to improve NPB neighborhoods

COVID-19-related assistance

If you need assistance with rent or utilities payments because of COVID-19, you can apply for CARES ACT relief through the Palm Beach County website


Are you aware of the Village Neighborhood Enhancement Team? 

The NET team is a group of Village employees who work with volunteers and residents to find creative solutions to individual code violations that need extra attention. 

Their strategy is to increase pride of ownership, mutual responsibility, and collaborative problem-solving with property owners when addressing code-related issues and the upkeep of properties. 

NET team members evaluate how various code violations affect neighborhood quality of life, and identify the properties that are most in need of assistance. Then they organize the resources, people and expertise needed to help home owners bring their properties into compliance with Village standards.  

The NET team consists of members from the Village Police, Fire, Public Works, Community Development, and Parks and Recreation Departments, as well as the Village Special Projects Director.

Ultimately, the NET team’s goal is to work with residents to ensure neighborhoods remain desirable places to live. Future outreach plans include crime walks, neighborhood clean-ups, beautification projects and efforts to obtain grant money to support neighborhood enhancement initiatives and community revitalization. 

If you have a potential neighborhood issue that needs attention, please feel free to contact the NET Team at (561) 841-3376.

Volunteer Application

Two young women using roller brush to paint house
NET volunteers sitting at a picnic table on a residential sidewalk, having lunch and waiving at came
Ad for Meals on Wheels delivering five days a week. Call (561) 802-6979 extension 6. www.mowpb.org