Awards Ceremony

2019 Awards Ceremony 

Unit Citation - 400 Block US Highway #1 
Police Officer Jennifer Newman, 
Police Officer Daniel Bussek, Police Officer Gary Lew
These Police Officers prevented a crime spree of auto burglaries and other potential incidents in Paradise Harbor by stopping five juveniles prior to committing the crime.  These subjects were in possession of burglary tools, Drivers licenses, wallets containing cash and credit cards from other victims in Lake Park.  They coordinated with PBSO and all five subjects were arrested and the property was returned to the owners.

Meritorious Service Medal 133 US Highway 1
Police Captain Robert Coliskey
You received information about a possible business burglary and located the delusional suspect inside of one of the employee’s vehicles in the parking lot.  The suspect did not comply and became aggressive.  Your prompt actions on the scene and attention to duty demonstrated your exemplary leadership and eliminated the potential for further escalation.

Meritorious Service Medal - 205 Mariner Court 
K9 Police Officer James Kaminski and Police K9 Deny, Police Officer Trevor Davis
Attempted Home Invasion on Mariner Court

Meritorious Service Medal -742 Lakeside Drive
olice Officer Roderick Steade, Police Officer Jennifer Newman
You responded to an auto burglary that was in progress in this residential community.  You attempted to stop the stolen suspect vehicle, but it fled the area. You pursued the vehicle to Riviera Beach and apprehended all four suspects prior to their escape.

Meritorious Service Medal -215 Castlewood Drive
Police Officer Christopher Perez
Two suspects were arrested after a foot chase for Burglary while Armed, Possession of Burglary Tools (mask), Theft and Resisting with Violence after they fled from this location.  The suspects had just committed several armed vehicle burglaries in the area and were trying to escape. 

Years of Service Award:

15 Years of Service-Police Captain Angela Dallesandro

10 Years of Service-Police Sergeant Andrew Council

Achievement Medal 532 Harbor Road
NET Police Officer George Lopez, NET Police Officer Edward Ciezak
Investigated a residential home in the Village that had fallen into disrepair.An Elderly resident was discovered living in dangerous and unsanitary conditions due to an issue with hoarding and several large holes in the roof due to extensive rot.The resident refused to accept the need for intervention and ultimately her home was deemed unfit to be lived in and was set to be demolished.  They worked with DCF and obtained emergency lodging for the resident in a safe permanent location.

Achievement Award:
Administrative Coordinator Janny Lobosky
Excellence in coordination and leadership throughout the various NET initiatives in 2019.

Achievement Award:
Public Works Manager Susanne Hachigian
Assistance to the Police and Fire Department during Hurricane Dorian

Commendation Medal410 Prosperity Farms Road
Police Sergeant Javier Ortiz-Adarmes, Police Officer Gary Lew, Police Officer Jennifer Newman, Police Officer Daniel Bussek, Police Officer Christopher Perez
Investigating an armed robbery in which the victim was struck in the face with a gun and had his wallet stolen, this squad’s prompt response and coordinated search led to the location of the fleeing suspect vehicle. Police Sergeant Ortiz and Police Officer Bussek chased one of the suspects on foot and apprehended him.  Police Officer Gary Lew; despite injuries sustained, conducted the take-down of the vehicle with Police Officer Newman and Police Officer Perez.

Commendation Medal 230 US Highway 1
Police Sergeant Joe Yungk
While investigating a felony at a local business. The suspect was involved in previous thefts from the store and took flight on foot upon police contact.  His determination during an extensive foot chase led to the identification and arrest of the suspect after he was found attempting to conceal himself in the water underneath a boat dock.

Commendation Medal -513 Ebbtide Drive
Police Officer Gary Lew, Police Detective Salvatore Mattino
Police Officer Gary Lew responded to a call at 513 Ebbtide Drive in reference to an attempted auto burglary that just occurred and arrested the suspect in a nearby residential area.  A search of the suspect’s vehicle revealed several guns and electronics that were stolen earlier that evening from an area in unincorporated North Palm Beach. Police Detective Mattino interviewed the suspect, received a full confession and as a result cleared multiple North Palm Beach and PBSO cases.

Excellent Police Duty Medal944 Dogwood Road
Police Officer Michael Mize
A local roofing company was arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Fraud/Monies Received by Contractor due to your diligence and hard work.  This company was under investigation due to multiple resident complaints of fraudulent activities and involved the theft of thousands of dollars. 

Certificate of Appreciation
Village of North Palm Beach Library Director Zak Sherman
Assistance to the Police and Fire Department during Hurricane Dorian

Chiefs Award of Excellence:
Police Detective Zachary Aldridge

  • Development of a means of increasing the Department’s administrative or operational effectiveness
  • Performing an outstanding administrative accomplishment.
  • Demonstrating continued quality service at a level of excellence
  • Performing an outstanding community service
  • For his commitment and dedication to the Village of North Palm Beach through his work in the Sober Homes Task force

Chiefs Award of Excellence:
Motor Police Officer Dominic Hachigian
Public Works Manager Susanne Hachigian

Police Officer of the Year:

Motor Police Officer Dominic Hachigian

  • VHI
  • Research and Purchase of Police Equipment
  • Department trainer-Firearms/SRT Trainer
  • Leads the agency in self-initiated activity
  • Used his Crisis Intervention Training on two separate subjects that were contemplating suicide.  He was able to use tactics, deescalate the situation and take them into custody to seek a mental health evaluation


  1. Officer of The Year Award
  2. Employee of The Year

      Officer of the Year Award

  • 2019 Motor Police Officer Dominic Hachigian 
  • 2018 Police Officer of the Year Detective Yesenia Collura 
  • 2017 Police Officer Michael Shane Mize
  • 2016 Police Officer Edward Ciezak 
  • 2015 Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • 2014 Detective Michael Piotrowski 
  • 2013 Field Training Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • 2012 K9 Police Officer James Kaminski
  • 2011 Sergeant Keith Koenig
  • 2011 Detective Kenneth Mildworm
  • 2010 Police Officer Lou Pearson
  • 2009 Detective Joe Yungk
  • 2008 Police Officer Angela Dallesandro
  • 2007 Detective Stephanie Joyce