Services Provided

Fax / Contact

Please fax your completed form to the North Palm Beach Police Department at 561-881-1141, using attention Sergeant Lou Pearson, or you may email the form as well. If you have any questions, please call 561-841-3317.

Special Details

If you are having a large event and you need extra security, Consider hiring an off-duty officer to monitor your event. If you would like an off-duty officer at your event please fill out an        off-duty detail application (PDF) and fax it to the police station.

Vacation House Watch

When you are going on vacation let us keep an eye on your house for you by completing the vacation watch form (PDF) and fax it to the police station.

Ride-Along Program

If you are interested in the ride-along program complete the ride-along form (PDF) and fax it to the police station.

Alarm permitting
Alarm permits are managed by the Police Department Records Unit