When should you call 911?

Help keep Village crime rate low by calling 911 - it’s o.k.Text to 911 graphic 2

Always feel free to call 911 in North Palm Beach if you are unsure about a person or situation in your neighborhood. If you see something suspicious that may be related to criminal activity, terrorism, suspicious persons, packages or similar activities, call 911 or the non-emergency phone number (561) 848-2525.

Do not be afraid you might offend someone by calling. The bad guys know how to exploit your kindness, but with all the news stories about crime nationally, a person who is in your neighborhood for legitimate purposes usually will understand and not be offended if the police show up. If they are, it probably means you were correct to call in the first place! 

Furthermore, officers know full well that the suspicious person may be completely innocent, so it’s not like they wrongly put someone in jail just because you called the police. They are trained to ask the right questions, explain why they are there, and to get to the bottom of the issue. If the person is not there for criminal purposes, all is well and they will soon be on their way. But the police can’t do their job if no one calls 911, so don’t feel intimidated about calling.  

And you don’t have to wait for it to escalate to a life-or-death situation before you call.  911 should be used for any active situation that’s happening. In the Village, the non-emergency number, (561) 848-2525, can be used to report minor incidents that have passed when there is no concern about safety. But if you are unsure which number to call, then don’t hesitate — call 911.