Flood Zones

FEMA flood map boundaries are changing and homeowner insurance rates may be affected

FEMA is redefining flood map areas throughout South Florida, which will affect homeowner insurance rates and may force some Village property owners to purchase flood insurance.

Who is Affected?

About 1,400 Village properties are proposed to be re-designated from lower risk flood zones to a high risk “Special Flood Hazard Area.” This is called an "AE Flood Zone."

Property owners with mortgages for buildings that will be in these new AE Zones will be required by their lender to purchase flood insurance, even on pre-existing mortgages.

The flood insurance rates in AE Zones are higher than the lower risk zones, and owners of buildings that are proposed to be added to the AE Zone should expect to see flood insurance rate increases.

Click the first map below to determine if your property will be added to the AE Zone. 

Pink, gray and white areas

  • Areas marked in pink are the properties that will soon be added to the AE Zone flood zones. These are the new changes that will soon take effect
  • The gray areas are the properties that already are considered to be in flood zones
  • The white areas are properties that are not considered to be in a flood zone

FEMA Brochure: What property owners need to know

You can appeal the flood zone map changes

If you believe your property was incorrectly identified as a Special Flood Hazard Area, you may submit an application to FEMA for a formal determination and potential revision. This is called a Letter of Map Change (LOMC) request.

 Visit this FEMA webpage to learn how to change your flood zone designation.

Click this map to see new areas that FEMA will define as flood zones. Gray is previous flood zones, pink will be the new properties considered at greater risk of flooding.  Areas in white are not flood zones

Partial map of Village

The FEMA map below shows most of Northern Palm Beach County. On the right, five highlighted squares are numbered and are the parts of the map that fall within the Village municipal limits.  Each square is shown in greater detail as a separate panel in the links below the map. 

Village highlighted